Inroom Breakfast

Breakfast Tray Menu

Due to covid restrictions we cannot use the Breakfast room, (No gathering in one room with more than 1 family)

We will be offering a selection of the following, We ask that you fill in a pre order the evening before and a time that you would like your breakfast delivered to your room.

Breakfast Bar ( Belvita or equivalent)


Cereal choice of…

Cornflakes, Crunchy nut, Fruit & Fibre, Muesli, Weetabix.

A Piece of fresh fruit.

A choice of fruit flavoured Welsh yoghurt pot.

Bottle Milk, Bottle of fresh Orange / Apple Juice

Bottle of Prosecco ( Bucks Fizz)?

Croissant, Jam, Marmalade, Butter

Crusty Cob, Sliced cheese with Ham

Ferroro Rocher

Mini Tic Tac packet

Speciality tea selection in Breakfast room, Tea & Coffee, Hot Chocolate in Room